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Grease Monkey - Boulder #53

2405 28th St.,  Boulder,  CO 80301
(303) 444-9303


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Carmel U. (Yelp User)
Boulder, CO
2/23/2014 9:48 AM ETZ
" I Grease Monkey -- I came in for an oil change and didn't have to wait long at all.  They did a diagnostic and informed me of the things I should change right away versus stuff that could wait until my next service.  I appreciate that sort of honesty.  It's easy for women to get talked into car services they don't need and I didn't get that at all from the staff here. "

Nicole W. (Yelp User)
Boulder, CO
2/11/2014 9:49 AM ETZ
" All around fantastic experience.  

After being rejected at Midas for coming in for an oil change an hour before they closed (though none of the mechanics were working- I suspect they just didn't want to do any work in the last hour they were open), I decided to head down the street to Grease Monkey and I'm glad I did!  They had no problem getting me in for an oil change at 5:15pm, (and they close at 6pm as well) and were very friendly, fast, and helpful.  All of the staff seemed knowledgeable and very appreciative of my business.  They weren't pushy with any other services and were respectful of my time.  This is definitely the place to go in Boulder for an oil change! "

Singh A. (Yelp User)
Boulder, CO
" In preparation for the holiday season and the coming to the end of a year, I go into overdrive getting everything cleaned, organized, and prepped for the next. My car's "change oil" light has been an annoying but useful reminder to maintain my car a little more than I do now. Finally, after weeks of seeing that same warning light come up I took my baby in to get her oil changed. I chose this place as the other mechanic shop (name withheld) I frequent said they were booked up for the day. And then I remembered about a review on Grease Monkey and how Mr. Ali S. had a good review on'em and so I dropped on early this morning to see if they could help me out.

Pleasantly they were about no hassles, gave me what I came in for, and made a few recommendations like changing my air filter which was a lil dirty. The auto shop is small, but comfy enough to wait in while they fix up your auto. It's also within walking distance to Target/Starbucks/Panera Bread/28th Street Mall, a Nissan car dealership (in case you want to buy a new car), and a Barnes and Noble - all of which of course only applies in the event you have to wait a while. For me, within 10-15 minutes my baby was pumped, re-oiled, and ready to burn some rubber.

Thanks Grease Monkey! "


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